5 Critical Things You Must Check Before Buying Plastic Buoys

November 15, 2022

In layman term, Plastic Buoys are the “traffic cones” of the sea. Just like traffic lights, plastic buoys help and guide mariners to sail through the darkness at seas.

Did you know that red buoys are kept on the port side and green buoys are kept on the starboard side? If you are wondering why, let's not forget about the marine rules of colors and lighting.

Similarly, plastic buoys have to comply with specific rules too for vehicles that fly and float.

From understanding directions to avoiding sharp/protruding rocks, marine buoys play the part in preventing accidents at sea. However, it’s critical that you buy the right buoys from the right marine suppliers.

5 Checks Before Buying Plastic Buoys

  • Make sure that your buoys have the correct color and shapes.
  • Ensure the correct warning light height requirements.
  • Get the right quality materials and the right design.
  • Check if your buoy meets environmental requirements
  • Always get certified plastic buoys with the right weight for better stability.

Why You Should Choose Your Marine Supplier Carefully?

  • Buoys float on the sea all year long and one sunken buoy may result in a catastrophe.
  • Plastic buoys made from low-grade materials will disintegrate easily after deployment.
  • Poorly manufactured buoys may also pose dangers to the marine ecosystem.
  • The wrong design standard can cause a buoy to be less effective from its required function when necessary.

Choosing The Best Marine Supplier In Singapore

Wealth Marine’s navigation buoys are made with the highest-marine-grade of either material such as Polyethylene (Plastic Buoys), Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP), Steel Material (or Aluminium Alloy when required by users) :-

  • Depending on the material, they can be molded to create buoys that last through the harshest marine environments and the hardest impact from ships if there is any collision.
  • Better weight distribution for the buoys and for increased stability.
  • The surface of the buoys prevents marine growth even after years at sea.
  • Our lighting systems are built for the required visibility in terms of range and colour, even in the densest of fogs.

Our plastic buoys in particular (and buoys made from other materials) are designed in conformation with the latest maritime standards. It is of utmost importance, all buoys are designed and built to ensure they can maintain good stability at sea.

If are you interested and keen on plastic buoys, do check out a good source in design from the best marine supplier in Singapore!


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