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April 4, 2022

Working cooperatively and collaboratively with each other is vital for the seamless functioning of any industry. Data transfer and information exchange are significant to do it. With effective communication between several entities of an industry, there is a knowledge flow. It averts stagnation from seeping in. Similarly, data and information transfer in the maritime industry is just crucial.

According to professionals, the significance of information exchange is even greater for the global information implications. It can be accomplished in multiple ways in the marine industry. The role of marine communication equipment is the most vital over others.

How are marine communication products important?

This blog will enumerate some of the major advantages of communication products and data transfer in the marine industry.

It ensures better coordination-

With marine communication products, ships can ensure better coordination. It is required no matter for what reason the ship is sailing. It is for the significance of coordination in the marine industry that even more efforts are provided to develop these communication systems that will ensure greater coordination.

A good communication system includes several features like:

  • The Maritime Safety and Security Information System
  • Virtual Regional Maritime Traffic center
  • Radar Identification and tracking
  • The Regional Co-operation Agreement to combat piracy and armed robbery.

These features in a communication system allow coordination in every situation. Right from planning transit through a narrow region to warding a piracy attack off, it can assist you in all.

It confirms greater safety of ships-

As significant marine communication equipment confirms better cooperation between ships, it ensures greater safety for ships too. If any maritime accidents happen, this effective system will elicit rapid information exchange that can assist in attaining the ship in trouble sooner.

When maritime accidents like pirate attacks or the grounding of a ship take place, it creates difficulty for a ship in communicating on its own. An efficient communication system can eliminate the trouble without much of a stretch.

It causes improved trade-

Having proficient marine communication products denotes an improvement of the scope of global trade. Here, the shared information could consist of cargo information about ships leaving from several ports, connecting ships scheduling, and so on. This ensures better communication that can result in improved trade.

Navigational Hazard-

Racon is a frequency-agile racon and hence responds on the frequency on which they are interrogated. Upon receiving a pulse signal from a ship-borne radar, racon transmits back a Morse-coded signal whose frequency is identical with that of the ship-borne radar, and leaves a clear signal on the ship’s radar display indicating its own position with precision. The Racon (radar beacon) is indeed an important marine communication product to mariners.

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