Benefits of Choosing Marine LED Lighting

December 20, 2022

Lighting is an essential requirement in marine transportation, and there can be no better option than LEDs when it comes to marine lighting. Marine LED lights, also known as illuminated ship lights are used for multiple purposes such as lighting, navigation, signal transmission, etc. LED lighting has to follow all norms and conventions related to it.

Some of the common benefits of marine LED lighting are:

1. Strong vibration resistance (“shocked-resistant”)

It has such a firm packaging that it can survive even in high-vibration environments without falling off. Apart from such excellent construction, some LED lights are made up of epoxy material that is strongly anti-vibrational, we termed it as “shocked-resistant”.

2. Multipurpose

LED lighting on ships can serve multiple purposes depending on the requirement of the crew. It is because a single fixture of LED can produce multiple colors. For instance, a soft LED lantern can relax the cabin crew from stress and fatigue. It can improve the sleep quality of the passengers. Different colors of LED lights can also be used as signal lights to relay different messages. Barge light can indicate the ship's position.

3.Lowers operating costs

Marine LED lighting can reduce energy consumption by approximately 50 percent. They also provide a high level of security due to their shatterproof quality. This break-proof quality helps them survive both extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures. They can withstand impacts better than traditional lamp bulbs. Moreover, they are noise-proof with low or no radiation.

4.Environmental and Health friendly

Marine LED lighting is easy on the eye due to its neutral colors that reduce strain on the eye, glare, or flashback. Such LED lights are more comfortable and soothing for the operator's eyes during long shifts at night. It makes them the perfect choice for decks, cabins, bedrooms, etc.

Now that you know all these benefits and might be considering switching to them, here are some obstacles you should know about before making the switch.

1.Most marine vessels or boats have lighting that is suited to use AC power. However, LED lights should be installed using use low-voltage DC power.

2.Most boats have incandescent and halogen lights that have a different dimming process than LEDs. It will need you to replace several switchboards or control panels.

Every vessel or boat has different requirements when it comes to lighting. So, you will get to choose from multiple options ranging from simple bulb replacements to high-tech synchronized lighting systems, such as 3-in-1 self contained solar power LED lanterns.

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