Cyber Security in Marine Industry

July 23, 2022

Cyber security involves the security of the vessels in maritime and can affect the safety of the crew, cargo, vessel, along with ports. In shipping the cyber security involves data protection of IT systems, sensors and onboard ships hardware. Effectiveness of software-based systems needed for operations is absolutely needed for ship’s operation. Cyber systems for ships are either IT (standard information systems) or OT (operation and control systems). IT includes technology, training, and defined procedures that are all applied through an information security management system. A breach of the same can cause financial and reputational impact. However an attack on OT, which has almost become a norm, may put at risk the vessel’s and crew’s safety. It is just like having the right ship monitoring systems in place.

Risks including information integrity, system availability, and hardware availability on board and at the shipping company's headquarters are all covered by cyber security policies and plans. The same thing can lead to different situations. Data transfer issues could arise from the shipping firm to the vessel and vice versa. There can be problems regarding onboard equipment and hardware. All members of the crew may be unaware of the usage of all the operational equipment installed on board in case of disruption or any disaster. It is crucial for a ship's operation that no external sensor data is lost or altered in any way.

Why is cyber security important in marine industry?

  • Digitalization, usage of new technologies along with enhanced automation processes is making the industry more efficient. And due to the same, cyber security has to be right for safety considerations and risks involved in new technologies. Vessel operation crew and passengers safety needs to be ensured.
  • Cyber incidentsare steadily on rise and has been affecting the shipping and offshore. As there are more integrated vessels, there are more threats that could remotely attack your ships and possibly get access to their control systems.
  • Important Regulations and lawsare to be followed by owners, operators and managers such as the IMO Guidelines on Maritime Cyber Risk Management, and also the IACS Unified requirements on Cyber safety, E26 and E27.
  • Various sorts of Commercial cyber risks, like TMSA 3 along with lack of insurance coverage, can impact the probability of getting a charter and can cause financial risk.

So, it is critically important to understand the importance of cyber security to protect a vessel just like a ship or boat monitoring systems are absolutely needed.

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