Everything You Need to Know About Boat Monitoring Systems

October 20, 2022

Most boat monitoring systems these days come with an in-built GPS. Some of these systems communicate via cellular service or satellites. But the function of a boat monitoring system is limited to tracking the boat's location and using Google Maps for displaying it.

What are some of the additional functions of a boat monitoring system?

Boat monitoring systems also provide alert systems that can push notifications every time the boat travels outside its geofence. It can track everything right from the speed and position to the direction of the boat.

What are the two levels of a boat monitoring system?

The two levels of a boat monitoring system are:

  1. Mid-Level Boat Monitoring Systems

This level of monitoring systems is incorporated with sensors and a base station. These sensors can detect the battery charge, bilge water level, etc. Since it has access to cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite modes of communication, you can directly receive email and text notifications on your mobile app. This provides a great security advantage. For instance, if due to a heavy storm, the bilge water level rises above normal you will be immediately notified to take instant steps against damage. We can provide you the best boat monitoring system and marine spare part supplies in Singapore.


  1. Advanced Boat Monitoring & Control Systems

The advanced level has the combined remote control capacities of both the basic and mid-level. It allows you to remotely control your boat. You can control the light switches, air conditioning, and everything else on the boat from anywhere through apps on your mobile or tablet. All the toggle buttons and switches are replaced with virtual switches with touchscreen displays. However, even if your boat has wired, traditional switches, you can still enjoy this functionality.

Even though both the mid-level and advanced boat monitoring systems can be expensive, it is quite a worthy investment for your ship. The highly intuitive technology provides a high level of protection to your boat which gives peace of mind. We are a marine equipment Singapore company, and you can reach out to us for your requirements.

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