Everything You Need to Know About GRP

September 5, 2022

What is GRP?

Glass Reinforced Plastic or GRP is an extremely light yet strong and versatile material known as fiberglass, composite plastic, or FRP. Its behavior is different from the conventional thermoplastic we use every day. Due to these versatile properties, it has a wide range of applications in almost every industry, especially in the shipping industry.

How are GRP products made?

GRP is made of fine fibers that are interwoven to create a flexible fiber. It is a module product. It can take the shape of the object around which it is located. GRP is tough like diamond and very resistant to wear and tear. It has an aluminum oxide aggregate surface. There are no side effects like peel-back or chipping. The color does not come off even by flexing.

What are the properties of GRP?

GRP has several valuable properties like:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Chemical resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Malleability and ductility
  • Does not melt
  • Anti-slip safety
  • Provides insulation from heat and sound
  • It can be easily shaped and used in enclosed electrical spaces
  • High strength-to-weight ratio

Overall, GRP is a long-lasting and reliable material that is used for all these properties.

What are the different applications of GRP?

GRP is used for multiple purposes like:

  • Wind turbine blades and helicopter rotor blades
  • Hand railings
  • Electronic enclosures
  • Safety grating in industrial and public areas
  • Drain coverings or water pipes
  • Anti-slip protection for wet and dry flooring
  • Sporting equipment such as kayaks.

General technical parameters of GRP light beacon:

Diameter: 1.0 mm

Wind resistance strength: 45 m/s

The thickness of GRP foundation< 12 mm

Height of GRP tower: 5.5 m to 10 m

Service life> 10 years

Weight: Varies depending on designs

GRP's application in the marine tower

GRP tower is used for leading beacon towers, dike lantern towers, and other onshore beacons. Navigation equipment such as marine lanterns, radar beacons, leading lights, solar power systems, and other control devices can be installed on GRP towers Singapore.

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