Five Reasons to Consider Boat Monitoring

August 18, 2022

Boat monitoring is a necessary measure that needs to be adopted for several purposes. Apart from maintaining safety and security in the boat, a boat monitoring system also provides added benefits.

Five reasons why you should consider boat monitoring are:

  1. Security and theft prevention

If a boat's window or door gets accidentally opened, you will receive alerts via the switch on the door by installing motion detectors in the interior of the boat. Or, in case an intruder bypasses all security measures like CCTV cameras, pressure switches, motion sensors, etc the intruder will still need to enter a code for the engine to start. A security notification is received the moment the engine starts. Boat monitoring will also help you create a geofence for your boat to avoid dangerous areas.

  1. Receive instant alerts

Ship monitoring systems allow you to:

  • Prevent battery damage by giving instant alerts when voltage drops below the specified threshold.
  • Keep track of the pump operation time.
  • Detect high waters by sending constant alerts.

You can also monitor the following activities via notification:

  • Speed
  • Arrivals and departures
  • Turns
  • Location
  1. Fleet management

The task of fleet managers becomes easier with boat monitoring since they receive real-time notifications about:

  • Any potential danger or any unusual activity that requires instant action.
  • The wind speed throughout the boat's journey. It helps to predict if any damage to the sail was caused due to weather conditions or careless use of a client.
  • The time when the boat returns to base. It helps the boat manager streamline the check-in or check-out process.
  1. Reducing maintenance costs

Boat monitoring will allow you to proactively monitor any problems occurring in your boat and take an instant step to solve them. Such real-time problem solving helps to prevent any drastic damage to the boat.

With marine monitoring systems:

  • You will receive automated reports on engine performance.
  • You can schedule inspection renewals and maintenance by mileage and date.
  • You can optimize the resale value of your boat.
  • Make service appointments and track maintenance intervals.
  • On the part for Marine Aids to Navigation, the Base Station is able to track movement and function of the navigation aids system (via remote marine monitoring systems) installed at site, thereby increased the reliability and provide safety at sea for Mariners.
  1. Receive discounts on insurance

A boat insurance policy on an average costs around $200 to $500 a year. But if you install a boat monitoring system, insurance companies will offer better prices at discounted rates. If your boat has high water and fire alarms, you can even get extra discounts.

Investing in boat monitoring systems can save money and effort by minimizing losses in term of not only cost, but life. Therefore, it helps you ensure the safety of the boat and the passengers on it.


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