Uses of LED Aircraft Warning Lights in Airport

May 20, 2022

Do you understand what is obstruction lighting? With the help of this lighting, you will be able to see high buildings from a distance. LED aviation obstruction lights offer immense safety in the aviation industry across the world.

The type and colour of LED aircraft warning light in Singapore are vital elements. Not only that but also the intensity of light is important too. Being installed outside at a height, these lights gratify some particular requirements.

In this context, it can be stated that Wealth Marine also introduces its LED aircraft warning light- GZ220LED series Aviation Obstruction Lights. These are of intelligent-controlled, third-generation micro-electronic aviation obstruction lanterns.

These lights from Wealth Marine have the ability to produce an output 1.5 times the intensity of a normal lantern with the same power supply. The base of these lights is produced by cast aluminum alloy materials (or Polyresin). Also, they possess anti-fouling and anti-corrosion properties.

Other base materials such as poly-resin, polycarbonate, and available for low-intensity Aviation Obstruction Light. They have flashing characteristics that you can alter with the utilization of IR programmer if needed, as the AOL’s are sealed to IP68. You do not have to dismantle to remove any components to service at the site.

Below are some of the uses of Wealth Marine’s aircraft warning light in Singapore.

  • It helps in marking objects.
  • Besides, it plays a vital role in managing communication between the air traffic controllers and the pilot.
  • Acting as a location indicator, to be deem fit by authority, it makes landing off safer and easier.
  • It also works as a hazard indicator that prevents collisions in the air.

If you want to buy an LED aircraft warning light in Singapore, rely on the product of Wealth Marine. You can get its products at an affordable rate with optimum quality. Get in touch with Wealth Marine and discuss your requirements.

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