What are the Regulations for Navigation Light?

February 21, 2023

Navigation lights are a range of lights shown by water vessels in fog and rain to indicate their orientation and position. Any mariner should know the night time lighting requirements for Navigation Warning lights.

Material of the navigation light

A navigation light should have a material that is:

  • Non-corroding material
  • Robust
  • Durable for long-term qualities

How much should be the luminosity of the navigation light?

The vertical intensity value of the light should be uniform within the defined sector where the minimum luminous intensity is required so that the measured minimum and maximum luminous intensity values do not differ by more than a factor of 1.5.

What markings should a navigation light have? 

Each navigation light should have the following markings:

  • Category or type of the light
  • Certificate and serial number of the light
  • Directions of the headline
  • Power of the light source in watts

How should you install the navigation light? 

Navigation light should be installed in the following way:

  •  Be readily accessible for maintenance and inspection purposes
  •  Be sure that light displays on the visible arcs
  •  Maintain and replace the light specified by the manufacturer

What are the design considerations in a navigational light?

A navigation light considers three design aspects, brightness, colour and angle. The navigation light should emit the right colour to comply with the regulations. It should produce LED light of the right output and colour, directing the ray for cutoffs and focus.

When do water vessels need navigation lights at night?

An all-round white light or both a stern Light and masthead light. These lights must be visible from a distance of at least 2-miles away during darkness on a clear weather. The all-round white light (or the masthead light and sternlight) must be visible from all directions in at 360 degrees.

What are the types of navigation lights?

Navigation lights can be as follows:

  • Stand Alone LED Lanterns
  • Conventional Lanterns
  • LED Retrofitted Lanterns
  • Compact 3-in-one

LED Navigation Lights ought to be non-flashing (steady on).

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