What is the essential marine safety equipment?

September 19, 2022

While on boarding your vessel for any trip, there are several essential pieces of equipment that you need to consider. Such marine safety equipment is an essential for passenger and cargo vessels, offshore installations, fishing and yachting boats.

Some of these pieces of equipment are:

  1. Life jackets and floatation devices

Have enough life jackets for everyone on board in decent, serviceable condition. You need to hire trained professionals to ensure proper fittings. A well maintained inflatable life jacket will ensure your survivability in water.

It will keep your head out of the water and will ride you onto your back if you are face down in the water. Automatic life jacket inflation components are stamped with the expiry date and need to be replaced after that.

  1. Flares and pyrotechnics

Pyrotechnics are an essential part of marine safety because they provide valuable assistance in times of emergencies and rescue. In dangerous situations like the sinking of a ship, signals and flares are used to attract the attention of other vessels passing by.

  1. EPIRBS and PLB/AIS beacons

The EPIRB (Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon) is a communications device to call for rescue services in case of an emergency. A PLB or Personal Locator Beacon functions similarly to an EPIRB but they are registered to an individual instead of a vessel. Personal AIS communicates to vessels in the area with standard VHF radio transition instead of communicating through satellites with rescue authorities.

  1. Fire extinguishers and first aid kit

If you already have a built-in fire extinguisher system in the engine area, ensure it is properly maintained. But if your shop does not have such a built-in system, you need to find out what type of fire extinguisher you need for your ship and find out what kind of fire it can put out. Keeping a first aid kit handy is also crucial in a boat.

Marine safety is crucial, and any negligence can lead to huge risks. We are a marine supplies Singapore service, and we can help you with marine equipment Singapore.


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