Why are there Navigation Buoys in the Ocean?

April 4, 2022

Seas are considered a dangerous place to be without the significant and right equipment, knowledge, and safety measures in place. Mariners confront a huge challenge while finding and navigating a narrow channel safely in a vast expanse of water. Waterways have no signs like roads that indicate the distance to a destination, location, or alert to any dangers.

Maritime authorities, instead, have marked safe passage lines with the utilization of marine aids to navigation like marine navigation buoys and marks. Navigational aids are considered markers that assist mariners in determining their position. These guide them safely around hidden danger or newly discovered hazards to navigable water.

These buoys were aspired for improving safety at sea, assisting Captains in finding and navigating safely through a preferred channel supporting commerce. Navigation buoys in Singapore have considerably developed since then. Nowadays, these marks help in safeguarding the environment. Not only that but also they support commerce and improve safety.

Importance of marine navigation buoys

Navigational aids, traditionally, have been physical aids like lights, buoys and beacons. Increasingly, navigation buoys are being fitted with sensors, an example is tide gauge. These can detect as well as transmit the wind and water flow rate. Moreover, they enable navigators to foresee exact sets and drift. Combined with a GPS timing or radio signal, maritime buoys and markers even can flash together in sequence (synchronize). With this, they may help to improve on identification of a channel.

Now, virtual aids to navigation have been development. These aids such as navigation lights and remote tracking system can be installed or linked with navigation buoys for utilizing in remote areas. For instance, they can be rapidly deployed for marking wrecks on emergency requirement.

You need to consider all factors that will impact the stability and visibility of the mark; consisting of water depth, lighting, sea conditions and current, top marks, shape, and focal plane.

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