Why There is an Increase of Authorities and Marine User for Marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN) Remote Monitoring System?

May 20, 2022

There were millions of Marine AtoN deploying on the sea but who are going to maintain them? Labors may at times told to reschedule their trips for this type of maintenance works so they do not need to ride the storm during bad weather and other unforseen circumstances. In addition, traveling by sea is not the same on the road. It can take hours or even days in order to travel to the designated AtoN for maintenance purpose.

Being one of the leading Marine AtoN suppliers, Wealth Marine introduces a remote monitoring system in the market namely WM-RMS2000. It includes three key components:

  • Master Terminal Unit- WM-MTU2000
  • Route Terminal Unit- WM-RTU2000
  • Computer hardware or workstation- PC with the window-based OS.

The master terminal unit is associated with the workstation, which is installed with window-based software. It interacts with a route terminal unit that is being installed inside the AtoN itself.

With the utilization of an accurate transmission network such as AIS AtoN, Satellite, GSM-GPRS, VHF, etc. the link of communication can be achieved. It depends on the situation of the site as well as the requirements of the end-user.

Below are some of the reasons behind using AtoN Remote Monitoring Systems.

  • It avoids collision between AtoNs and vessels
  • Reduce manual tasks related to surveillance as well as maintenance
  • It automatically and constantly provides information to a component authority along with other ships.
  • It is able to modify the details of the AtoN monitored.
  • Save time and cost efficiency for long term.

Are you looking at buying an AtoN Remote Monitoring Systems? If yes, getting assistance from a professional company can be a bonus. When it comes to marine aids, you can rely on Wealth Marine. Right from marine aids to navigation products or aviation obstruction lights like aircraft warning light in Singapore, you can get everything at an affordable price. Get in touch with our professionals and discuss your requirements now.

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