The importance of Maintenance and Inspection of Navigation Warning Lights

September 15, 2023

LED navigation lights in Singapore

Navigation Warning lights in Singapore are like a saviour for boats at night. These signal lights are a crucial part of marine navigation procedures and therefore need routine maintenance protocols as mariners use them quite frequently.

They help mariners and vessels figure out the right way when the surroundings are foggy or during darkness. From locating position and status to the way they are heading, with the navigation lights, mariners can identify other vessels easily and avoid the risk of collisions at sea.

However, there are several environmental factors that can harm navigational lights, which can increase the risks while navigating through the sea. In this article, we shall explore these factors that could influence LED navigation lights in Singapore and take proper measures for maintenance to reduce potential damage and extend their lifespan:

Factors that may compromise your marine lighting and how you can deal with them

  1. Seawater or rainwater can damage the lights:

In the marine industry, water can be a major threat to the LED navigation light, especially if the system is installed outdoor and need to be weather-proof.  As the vessel constantly has to stay on the seawater and there is no shelter during the rainfall, the system can become malfunction over time.

Here are a few things that you may take into consideration:

  • Regularly inspect lights for signs of water infiltration (in case of wear and tear).
  • Visually check the light fixture's exterior (and interior) for any dust or dirt buildup, indicating seawater penetration.
  • Use fine clothing and detergent to clean the glass of the LED navigation light fixtures for optimal illumination and signalling when navigating in the waters of Singapore.
  • Examine the brightness for maximum output efficiency.
  • Utilise contact cleaner for cleaning whenever the light is activated.
  1. High vibrations

While navigating through the sea, vessels can generate high vibration due to several factors. For instance, the imbalance of propeller and engine, mechanical wear and tear, structural issues, and man-made errors (changes in speed, abrupt manoeuvres, etc.). In addition, you must also take into account environmental factors like harsh weather, high waves, etc., which can also impact your navigation warning lights when sailing through Singapore waters.

To deal with these:

  • Use shock-absorbing materials like rubber gaskets where applicable.
  • When operating navigation lights, check for loose nuts, bolts, and brackets and tighten or secure them as needed.
  • Utilise washers with nut bolts in light fixtures to prevent nut loosening.
  • Inspect the clamp-mounted light fixture's structural integrity.
  1. Sunlight and wind

If the housing of Light is not made from materials that can withstand the harhest marine environments, the lifespan of the light can be affected.  Aside from the pressure due to tidal wave and strong wind at sea, it can also cause damage to the navigational light fixture, which calls for appropriate countermeasures.

Safety process for navigation light maintenance

Prior to conducting any maintenance work on ship navigation lights, adhere to the following safety procedures:

  • Prepare the necessary work permit.
  • Apply a lockout tag and inform the on-duty officer.
  • Opt for routine maintenance during port stays.
  • Prior to ascending the main mast, obtain a working-aloft permit.
  • Disable radars and remove fuses.
  • Deactivate the power supply for nearby ship whistles.
  • Turn off any other communication devices, as antennas near the mast emit harmful radiation.
  • While working on navigation lights at sea, monitor the wind flow metre for wind speed and direction. Avoid climbing the mast in heavy winds (even with harness to prevent injury on falls).
  • Assess the ship's rolling and pitching; excessive motion may necessitate refraining from mast climbing.

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