Guiding Ships Safely Through the Night: The Importance of Marine Lanterns

April 11, 2023

Marine lantern lights

The ocean is full of mysteries, and there is no saying what may happen in the future. Navigating the seas or ocean can be troublesome due to high waves, weather changes, and more. The situation becomes more hazardous at night when you cannot see properly. Hence, mariners need reliable navigational aids to guide them safely through the waterways and avoid potential danger. Marine lantern lights become a saviour when it comes to navigating properly through the vast darkness of the sea.  

Here, we have explained the importance of marine lanterns and how they help ships to navigate through the night:

Better visibility

Marine lanterns, also known as navigational or signal lights, are one of the best tools to mark or identify navigational hazards, channels, and other important locations for ships. It aids in expanding the area of visibility for the mariners at night. The lanterns emit a continuous flashing light that can be visible from a distance. Hence, when the sea is covered in fog, ships can easily navigate through it.

Higher safety and security

Marine lights are a significant part of the ship's navigation system. When the surroundings get dark, the chance of engaging in an accident increases. But with marine lantern light, mariners can avoid collisions between two ships and reduce potential damages. In addition, it helps in lowering the possible risk of bumping into rocks, shoals, and reefs, as well as living creatures. 

Regulatory compliance

Marine navigation light can be classified into various parts. The navigation lighting system consists of a maneuvering signal light, flashing light, yellow all-round flashing light, sidelight, stern light, towing light, and anchor light. Moreover, the usage and application of marine lantern lights are regulated by international and national maritime laws, which makes them safer for mariners during the night.

Precise positioning

Positioning Marine lanterns precisely becomes useful when it comes to guiding or warning vessels during the position. The functionality and purpose may change based on the type of marine lights you are using. In addition, the geographic location, height, and position of the marine lanterns aid in visibility, allowing mariners to navigate through the waterways more accurately, reducing the risk of running aground or getting lost. 

Strong vibration resistance

When vessels are out at sea, vibrations are common due to propellers, shafting, thrust blocks, the main engine, etc. Thus, if the lights do not have a strong vibration shocked resistant feature, they can get damaged, which can become a serious concern. But with marine LED lighting, the lanterns are more durable and do not easily fall off due to a sturdy structure, hence suitable for a rough and harshest marine environment for a longer period.

Lowers operating costs

Marine lantern navigation is also beneficial when it comes to reducing the overall expenditure of ships on lights. One of the major reasons for this is that these lights are specially made to withstand external impacts that are not possible for other types of bulbs. Moreover, these lights have high-temperature resistance, making them well-suited to extremes of hot sun and cold water. Hence, you do not have to spend much on maintenance. 



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