How to Deal with a Capsized Boat Emergency?

May 27, 2024

Capsizing is a common occurrence for boats of all sizes, ranging from small dinghies to massive ships. Even though larger vessels are more resilient to the sea's forces compared to their smaller ones, there's still a possibility of them meeting with some mishap. Poor weather serves as a significant factor in this occurrence. Although modern ships are more adept at handling storms and rough waters than older ones, the probability of capsizing still remains. Thus, it's vital to acquire the right equipment from marine spare part suppliers in Singapore when navigating the sea.

Aside from that, knowing how to manage emergency situations is crucial for ensuring safety. In this article, we’ll discuss what the ideal steps are to handle the situation:

Stay Calm

Keeping your nerves calm is the first step to getting out of any emergency situation. Though it may be hard, take a few breaths before making any rash decisions. Most vessels are equipped with marine safety gear, like lifeboats, lifejackets, etc., from a marine equipment supplier in Singapore. So, look for objects with buoyancy, as they can play a major role in saving lives.

Round up everybody and exit the water

Take stock and attendance of everyone aboard. If you find anyone missing, they might still be inside the vessel. If the damage is minimal and there is a possibility of flipping your boat back upright, go for it. Otherwise climb onto the hull, as it’s more sturdy and can help you float in the ocean.

Stick with the boat and hold on tight

For rescuers, it’s easier to spot a vessel than a couple of individuals bobbing in the water. So. Stick with the vessels if it's feasible. If your boat drifts off or sinks, look for something to grab onto while awaiting assistance. If nothing's within reach, float with your nose above the water. Cross your arms over your torso and draw your knees up to conserve energy and stave off heat loss. Don't attempt to swim or tread water, as it can be energy-draining and cause body heat loss.

Call for help

It’s always essential to get the right marine equipment from suppliers in Singapore before you go out on the waters. Having an emergency position-indicating radio beacon can aid to call for help more easily. But if you do not have it, wait until there's a good chance someone will spot your flare before sending it skyward. Someone will either come to your rescue or summon help upon seeing your distress signal.

Here's wishing you a safe journey when navigating on the water at sea. If you need any marine accessories, visit Wealth Marine Pte. Ltd., the best marine supplier in Singapore.

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