GZ220LED Series Aviation Obstruction Lights

Wealth Marine’s GZ220LED series Aviation Obstruction Lights are of third-generation micro-electronic, intelligent-controlled aviation obstruction lanterns.

The complete product range of low, medium, and high intensity illuminating system makes use of the latest non-spherical ‘Fresnel’ optical lens optic.

When compared to the conventional Aviation Obstruction Light utilising incandecent lamps, this system that is accompanied by the light emitting diode (LEDs) lightsource combined with optical lens theory, which is capable of producing 1.5 times the intensity of a normal lantern with the same power supply.

It greatly enhances the use of this type of high efficiency optical lens optic as a focal lens to intensify the output, on top of simply acting as a protective covering.

The GZ220LED series make use of the latest LED (Light-Emitting Diode) technology, and a smart control circuitry featuring capability for GPS application, together with solar-powered system, is most suitable for usage in a wireless stand-alone environment.

The base of GZ220LED series Aviation Obstruction Light is made of cast aluminium alloy materials complying with most environmental conditions and possesses anti-corrosion and anti-fouling properties. Other base materials are available for low intensity Aviation Obstruction Light i.e., polycarbonate, poly-resin (toughened), etc.

The flashing characteristics of the lantern can be altered when required, using infrared (IR) remote programmer as the AOL’s are sealed to IP68. There are no requirement for dismantling the lantern to remove any components for servicing at site.

GZ220LED range of Aviation Obstruction Lights makes use of the gradual-emitting and low voltage operating system, and has a life span of up to 8 years.

GZ220 Aviation Obstruction Lights can be used in high-rise building, electric power station, and TV transmission towers and for marking of high-bridge navigational channels etc.

Wealth Marine’s low, medium or high intensity, omni directional, RED obstruction light complies with FAA guidelines & regulations. It is also in full compliance with the ICAO Annex 14, Chapter 6 (Standards and Recommended Practices).

Aviation Obstruction Light (AOL) | Wealth Marine

With full compliance to ICAO guidelines & recommendations, the GZ220LED-series of Aviation Obstruction Light (AOL) are further classified into the following categories (background luminance 50~500cd/m²):-

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