WHF Series Navigation Buoy


WHF series of Navigational Buoys can be used for either lateral and cardinal marks or other special marks in both open and enclosed sea conditions. They are especially suitable for marking open sea channels, inland waterways and oil and gas platforms, or other hydrographic applications.

Wealth Marine’s WHF series of Navigational Buoys range from 0.5m to 8m in diameter. For Diameter less than 2.4m with tail-tube design, the tail of the buoy can be lengthened to increase the meta-centric height, which provides a good solution to the problem of rocking. For the diameter 2.4m and above series, the buoys are designed in such a way with a ‘flat bottom’- without the conventional tail-tube or skirt-keel bottom. On the premise of maintaining the stability and periodic rocking cycle, omitting the tail-tube or skirt-keel bottom has proved to enhance the convenience of maintenance, installation and transportation of these buoys.

Wealth Marine’s WHF series of Navigational Buoys can also be equipped with can-shaped or cone-shaped daymarks to enhance the visibility during the daytime. Other accessories include solar panels, radar reflectors, Racons etc, depending on users’ requirements. WHF series can withstand extreme marine conditions and is able to survive undamaged even through stormy rough waves and hurricanes.

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