WM-BL130B Self-Powered LED Lantern

The WM-BL130B is a completely self-contained lantern that is compact, lightweight and rugged, and requires the least or virtually no maintenance throughout its operation.

The new 136mm optical system utilises UV-stabilized acrylic optic lens and with a respective high intensity LED array (1 or 2 tiers). It has an effective range of up to 3 nautical miles at transmissivity factor of T=0.74 (or 3.5NM @ T=0.85).

Colours: Red, Green, White, Yellow & Blue (360° omni-directional or sectored for barge navigation)

The housing is constructed from material of toughened polycarbonate with respective colour to indicate the light colour. The light unit comprises a single or twin-pack battery bank that caters days of autonomy of up to 30 days (duty cycle @ 12.5). The highly efficient monocrystalline solar cell provides optimum charging to the battery bank for an extended service at installation site.

The WM-BL130B is preprogrammed with up to 256 field selectable flash codes and changing the flash character can be easily done by using a handy, InfraRed programmer unit.

Light unit incorporates a smart controller module with user selectable, multi-steps selection of the output intensities (% level) and indication of battery bank level to remind user the current status of the light’s reserved battery capacity.

The WM-BL130B self-powered LED lantern has a wide vertical divergence and is primarily designed for installation on fixed structures, buoyant beacons and navigation buoys in all areas. With an ingression protection of IP68, the lantern can survive the harshest marine environment.

Picture above: various configuration for WM-BL130B SX / SMX series light assemblies (not limited)

Picture above: various configuration for WM-BL130B DX / DMX series light assemblies (not limited)

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage :

DC self-contained, stand-alone OR,
Voltage range 9~36VDC
(12VDC direct input version, w/o solar & battery)

Output Intensities : 8-steps (30%~100%)
Lantern Lens Optic : ACRYLIC UV-STABILIZED, 136mm dia.
Horizontal Divergence : 360° omni-directional;
112.5°/135°/225° sectoring
(for Barge Navigation)
Vertical Divergence : min. 8°
Battery Capacity (Nominal) : up to 8AH (Nimh battery pack)
Built-in Power Source Status*
Solar Modules : Single 1.3Wp MONOCRYSTALLINE
Temperature Range : -40°C to +60°C
Relative Humidity : 100% (condensing)
Housing Construction : Toughened Polycarbonate Housing Compartment
(base coloured finishing for identification)
Ingression Protection : IP-68 (water-tight, with one-way breather valve)
Dimensions & Weight : Diameter 160mm (base) x Height 160mm
(Height is 260mm including detachable bird spike)
Weight 1 kg (approx.) – depending on battery
Battery options (standby) : in excess of minimum 20 days under no-sun
condition, up to 30 days for extended version
Mountings : 3 holes 120° apart, dia.6mm on 145mm PCD
Reference Design Standards : Patent No.: US D668,981S
Patent No.: CN 302145078S
Patent No.: R.O.C. D152776
CE: R12121301E
IALA recommendations and guidelines


Installation guide, mounting hardware, detachable bird spike and IR remote control.

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