WM-BL140SP4 Compact Self-Contained Lantern


The WM-BL140SP-4 assembly is a completely self-contained lantern assembly that is compact, lightweight and rugged, and requires the least or virtually no maintenance throughout its operation.

The optical system utilises WM-Patent designed, field proven UV-stabilized 150mm acrylic optic lens and with a configuration of up to 3-tiers of the highly efficient, high intensity LED array, OR 2-tiers with integrated optional feature(s). It has a maximum effective range of up to 7.0 nautical miles at a transmissivity factor of T=0.74.

The housing is constructed from material of toughened polycarbonate resin. The unit houses up to 30AH capacity of sealed, maintenance-free battery pack. The assembly consists of 4 high efficiency, mono-crystalline solar modules totaling up to 20Wp.

The WM-BL140SP-4 is preprogrammed with up to 256 field selectable flash codes and changing the flash character can be easily done by using an Infrared programmer unit.

The WM-BL140SP-4 compact self-contained LED lantern has a wide vertical divergence and is primarily designed for installation on fixed structures, buoyant beacons and navigation buoys in all areas. The WM-BL140SP-4 can be coupled with optional features including AIS AtoN ready.

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage : 12 volts DC
Power Consumption : 0.32W @ 12.5% duty (1-tier LED array) 0.55W @ 12.5% duty (2-tiers LED array)
Horizontal Divergence : 360° Omni-Directional
LED Colours Available : Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue
Peak Intensity : 410 cds (i.e. 7.0NM @ T=0.74, 3-tiers LED array)
Vertical Divergence : up to 25° (typically 5NM @ T=0.74, 155mm lens)
Battery Capacity (Nominal) : Total 14AH (sealed lead acid) - (2 x 12V 7AH in parallel) or 30AH (lithium pack)
Days of Autonomy : typically 25 days (for duty cycle <15%)
Solar Modules : FOUR(4) 12V 4W~5.5W MONOCRYSTALLINE
Temperature Range : -30°C to +70°C
Relative Humidity : 100% (condensing)
Housing Construction : Toughened Polycarbonate Resin Light Housing Compact, Rugged and Light Weight
Ingression Protection : IP-68 (sealed, water-tight)
Dimensions & Weight : Each side panel 282mm (4 sides, retractable) Width (dia.) 240mm x Height 510mm (including integral birdspike) Weight <10 kgs
Mountings : 3 or 4x 16-20mm on dia.200±10 PCD
Other Features : Option of Programming by either – a) Handheld IR Programmer b) via Radio c) via Serial port * Operating with AIS AtoN Transponder (built-in) OR, be AIS AtoN ready (tap-off) ** Communication means:- GSM / VHF – Radio / Satellite – Wireless GPS Synchronized Features
Picture above: typical WM-BL140SP-4 LED lantern at its
operational orientation

Picture above: GA layout of WM-BL140SP-4 LED lantern
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