WM-BL150B Self-Powered LED Lantern

WM-BL150B Self-Powered LED Lantern - Wealth Marine
WM-BL150B Self-Powered LED Lantern Specification - Wealth Marine

WM-BL150B Solar Self Powered LED Lantern is mainly used for small safety / hazard marking buoys, private aids to navigation, port and marina entrances, channel and canal markers, offshore oil & gas infrastructure, oil containment booms, Public piers, docks and marine walkways, Boat and barge terminals, Breakwaters and all types of marine infrastructure.

WM-BL150B Solar Self Powered LED Lantern has a self-cotained Solar Powered System without connecting other power supply. Its maximum nominal range is up to 4nm (T=0.74) / 5nm (T=0.85).


  • Easy installation
  • Lower maintenance and servicing costs.
  • Reliable operation 365 days per year
  • Operates at nearly any location on earth
  • Protection level up to IP 68
  • Up to 4 nautical miles at T=0.74 (5nm @ T=0.85)
  • IALA256 flash rhythm can be programmed through infrared controller
  • Light intensity can be set by remote programmer


  • Completely integrated, self-contained, waterproof and compact.
  • Installs in minutes using three screws or bolts. No external wiring, cable trenching, etc.
  • Turn on automatically at dusk and off at dawn.
  • Up to 100,000 hour lifespan.
  • Available in blue, red, amber, white and green color light
  • If required, the color lens can also be ordered
  • Using optional infrared controller to change flash rhythm


Solar cell (Power) : 2.5W High-efficiency Mono-crystalline
Battery Capacity : 6V 4.0 Ah Maintenance-free, rechargeable SLA battery
Power Consumption : 0.8W-1.5W
Range : 4.0 nm @ T=0.74 / 5.0 nm @ T=0.85 (cct at minimum 0.5s)
Weight : 3.0kg
Mounting : 4 - Φ16mm on 200mm PCD
Sectoring : can be sectored to suit user's requirement
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