WM BT-Series GRP Beacon Tower


GRP Towers are used because they are lightweight, durable, weather-resistant and anti-corrosion.

The surface of GRP material is able to readily bond with marine paint to acquire a vibrant and distinctive Daymark to mariners.

Due to its lightweight, WM BT-series GRP Beacon Towers can be easily transported in segments and readily assembled on site with the use of simple tools, sealed and bolted together.

Accordingly to user’s requirement, WM BT-series GRP Beacon Towers can be fabricated to accommodate additional beacon accessories such as marine lanterns, leading lights, rotating beacons, radar beacons (Racons), radar reflectors, solar modules, battery banks and lightning protectors etc.

Technical Specifications
(for WM-BT10 GRP Beacon Towers)

Focal Height : 10M minimum(Height of WM GRP Beacon Towers can be varied from 5.5m to 10m)
Color : Red & White colored as per IALA
Environmental Temperature : -40°C to +55°C
Wind Resistance : 216km/h
Diameter : Ø 0.1m
Weight : 900kg
Average GRP Thickness : 10mm
GRP Thickness between segments : 12mm
GRP Thickness at foundation segment : ≥ 16mm
Typical Lifespan : ≥ 10 years
No. of segments : Total height of 10m is divided into 7 segments with the top platform segment as 0.815m, and all other segments at 1.5m each.


  1. Tower comes with service door with internal vertical ladder for access to service platform for maintenance of AtoN equipments.
  2. Provision of Lifting arrangement of the equipment on top of the Tower.
  3. Installation Location: coastal areas or inland waterways.
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