WM-FL100 Flasher/Lampchanger


WM-FL100 flasher/lampchanger is an advanced, intelligent and widely applicable product with high reliability and resistance against interference, and low power consumption.

It is suitable for use in any location and situation that requires aids to navigation. The FL100 flasher/lampchanger is compact and microprocessor-based, and it can be fitted inside most 140~300mm diameter lens optic.

Preprogrammed with up to 256 field selectable flash codes, standard features of built-in RS232/RS485 serial communication port, solar and voltage regulation, lightning and reverse polarity protection.


Operating Voltage : 9-36V DC (nominal 12VDC)
Operating Current : 3.5A nominal
Flash Rhythm : IALA256 (configurable)
Lampchanging : 6-place turret with QUIET® stepper motor with out-of-lamp safety feature
Daylight sensitivity : 300Lux ± 50Lux (configurable)
Sunswitch : Internal or External Mount
Operating Temperature : -25°C~ +65°C
Storage Temperature : -25°C~ +70°C
Relative Humidity : 100% (condensing)
Synchronization : Standard Termination
Light Monitor : Standard Termination
Solar Module : Direct Termination (with built-in regulator)
Battery unit : Direct Termination (with voltage regulation)
Remote Monitoring : RS232/RS485 options
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