WM-L350A Mid-Range LED Beacon

The WM-L350A LED beacon is primarily designed to be installed on mid-range lightbeacon applications. The effective range is typically up to 12.5 nautical miles @T=0.74 (or in excess of 5,000 cds).

WM-L350A uses high efficiency, high intensity LEDs,and the configuration is completely flexible to suit enduser’s unique requirement of luminous range.

WM-L350A mid-range LED beacon housing is constructed of corrosion-resistant, cast aluminium alloy material that holds an array of toughened, WM-patent designed, UV-stabilized acrylic fresnel lens ensure upmost consistency on output intensities.

The WM-L350A never needs to be opened for servicing and maintenance because the light is factory sealed to IP68 and with no moving parts and lamps to replace.

The heart of the WM-L350A is the intelligent digital controller module that accepts a wide range of input voltages. Essentially for LED technology, it regulates and maintained constant distribution of current to each tier and subgroupings of LED array. Precision controlled to ensure the LEDs are operated and produces constant intensity with highest efficiency.

Flash characters are programmable via a WM’s universal InfraRed programmer unit (SYD-1 MASTER). Up to 256 preprogrammed, field selectable flash codes are available and other commands available are FORCING ON / OFF, RESTORE to PHOTOCELL operation and BEACON ADDRESS (for telemetry purposes).

Optional features include wireless Synchronisation via built-in GPS receiver module, built-in AIS AtoN transponder, AIS AtoN ready, telemetry tap-off / Remote Communication with the WM-L350A mid-range LED beacon is done via RS232 serial communication port (provided upon request). This useful feature applies to all WM’s LED light models.

WM-L350A series LED lantern is able to produce light beams of various vertical divergence (measured at 50% Peak Intensity)asured at 50% Peak Intensity) like 2.5°, 5° and 10°.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage : 10~30 VDC or AC Mains Supply
Colours Available : Red / Green / White / Yellow
Power Consumption : typically 12W (continuous) per LED array @ 12VDC
Flash Characters : up to 256 preprogrammed, user-selectable via InfraRed programmer unit (SYD-1)
Daylight Sensitivity : 300 lux ± 50 lux (4-steps user programmable)
Temperature Range : -30°C to +70°C
Relative Humidity : 100% (condensing)
Environmental Testing :

Rated to 10g omnidirectional (acceleration) 

- CE Approved
-Tested MIL-STD-202G :-
*For Shocks - Method 213B, Cond H.
*For Vibration High Frequency - Method 204D Cond B.
*For Immersion - Method 104A Cond A.

Material Construction : Cast Aluminium Alloy using DT5008 Marine Grade Aluminium, anodised to 25 micro
Vertical Divergence : 2.5° / 5° / 10°
Horizontal Light Distribution : >90%
Synchronisation : Hard-wired / Wireless (optional)
Comms Interface : RS232 (optional)
Dimensions & Weight (Typical 10-Tiers Beacon) : Diameter 350mm (Housing) Height 990mm Weight 50 kgs (approx.)
Mountings : 3 or 4 x 16~20mm on dia 200mm ±10 PCD (4-holes)
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