WM-ML155 with WM-R604LED

WM-ML155 with WM-R604LED- Wealth Marine


Direct Incandescent Replacement : WM-R604LED

Major Energy Reduction, Reduces Light Pollution, Reduces Maintenance

WM-ML155 Marine Lantern comprises a 155mm acrylic fresnel lens with an integral birdspike mounted on a rugged, toughened lantern base.

Users can have an option to choose Lantern with Cast Aluminium Alloy Lantern Base.

WM-R604LED Retrofit Light Source is provided as an option to directly replaced conventional flasher and lampchanger fitted with incandescent lamps. Equipped with an intelligent LED controller PCB, as those used within our wide range of LED lanterns, to ensure highest efficiency, reliability and consistent output intensity. WM-R604LED could be directly installed within lantern assemblies without any modification. Optional AC/DC converter (mounted inside lantern assemblies) needed for AC power supply.

Specifications-WM-ML155 with WM-R604LED- Wealth Marine
Technical Specifications-WM-ML155 with WM-R604LED- Wealth Marine

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage : 5-36V DC (12V nominal)
Flash Rhythm : IALA256 (configurable)
Daylight Sensitivity : 300 lux ± 50 lux (configurable)
Environmental Temperature : -30°C to +70°C
Relative Humidity : 100% (condensing)
Quiescent Current : <1mA
Colour : Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue (IALA standards)
Vertical Divergence : ±10~12°
Power Rating : approx. 4W to 12W (300mA)
LED Current Setting : Adjustable (on board)
Effective Range : for 155mm dia. Lantern up to 6 nautical miles (T=0.74, ‘ON’ time = 0.5s in red, green & white)
For 300mm dia. Lantern up to 12 nautical miles (T=0.74, ‘ON’ time = 0.5s in red, green & white)
LED Lifespan : 100,000 hours
Synchronization : Wireless (optional)
Remote Monitoring : GPRS / GSM / VHF (optional)

LED Flasher/lampholder is designed and made for use with lanterns having Lens diameter from 140mm to 300mm.

Unit can be easily fitted into other manufacturers’ conventional lanterns with our customized bracket.

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