WM-PB1.8 Polyethylene Buoy is one of Wealth Marine’s latest design and manufacture. This buoy is made from rotationally moulded, UV-stabilised polyethylene material, with its inner body filled with polystyrene foam and being reinforced with a steel structure.

The required colour pigment is injected into the polyethylene material before the moulding process. This prolongs the surface colour of the buoy without the need for painting. In this modern ‘Aids-to-Navigation’ world, Polyethylene Buoys have the great potential of replacing the conventional steel navigational buoys.

This is because as compared to steel buoys, Polyethylene Buoys are light-weight (easier for installation) and possess anti-fouling properties. Besides, due to its elastic nature, it is absorbent to impact forces and can withstand relatively larger collisions. As such, these buoys are maintenance-free and have longer lifespan. Therefore, Polyethylene Buoy is indeed an ideal ‘floating aids to navigation’.


Buoy Specifications


Construction : Rotationally Moulded; medium density, UV-stabilised polyethylene (thickness of 12mm)
Foam-fill material : 16 kg/m3 expanded polystyrene foam
Air weight : 460kg approx
Diameter : 1800mm
Focal Plane Height : 3200mm (depending on light assembly)
Draft : 450mm
Freeboard : 700 mm
Radar Reflector : 45m2 Cross Section, 360° Coverage (inclusive)
Visual Detection Area : Can-shaped daymarks – 1.0m2
Cone-shaped daymarks – 0.9m2
Surface Colour : Red/Green (As required)
Surface texture : Anti-slip surface for increased safety
(during maintenance/installation works)
Lifting / Mooring eyes : 2 or 4 each
Counterweight (Ballast) : Cast Iron / Steel / Concrete (as required based on site conditions)
~ Skirt Keel
Maximum current speed : 4.06 m/s (~8 knots)
Mounting hardware : stainless steel bolts & nuts

Polyethylene Repair Kit:

A set of Polyethylene Repair Kit is available with heat gun, welding rods and other accessories for convenience of patching and repair on site.

Picture above: A typical WM-PB1.8 Polyethylene Buoy
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