WM-RB500 Marine Revolving Beacon

The WM-RB500 rotating beacons are designed to meet various lightbeacon and lighthouse applications providing an effective range of up to 20 nautical miles, depending on the intensity of the lamp used.
The compact, rugged and heavy-duty WM-RB500 rotating beacon housing is made of corrosion-resistant, cast aluminium alloy material that holds a toughened, UV-stabilized acrylic fresnel lens cover. The bottom driven 6-panel lens cage configuration supports WM-Patent design “bullseye” optic lenses that are moulded from optical-grade acrylic resin.
The lens cage is rotated by a highly reliable stepper-motor drive system providing sufficient torque to rotate the assembly while consuming a maximum current of 200mA. Rotational speeds are factory set to customer requirements. The preprogrammed rotational speeds are field selectable from 0.5 to 16 RPM by means of an InfraRed programmer unit, or by adjusting two HEX switches on the motor controller PCB. Higher rotational speeds can also be incorporated when needed.
The 6-panel lens arrangement produces six regularly spaced flashes in one revolution. Blanking panels are inserted at respective slots for various group flashing.
The WM-RB500 is equipped with WM-FL100 6-place automatic control lampchanger. Access to the lamp replacement can be conveniently made through a removable panel at the top cover.
Coloured flashes are easily achieved by using respective coloured acrylic lens cover. Clear, red, green and yellow (amber) colours, in accordance with IALA preferred colour chromaticity regions, are available.

The WM-RB500 is primarily designed and suitable for use as:-

      • long range landfall beacon
      • marking marine hazards
      • entrances to ports and harbours
      • crucial turning point in precautionary areas
      • lighthouse beacon
      • offshore lightbeacon

Standard WM-RB500 rotating beacons are factory sealed to IP54/65*. Appropriate measures have been considered and implemented regarding the heat ventilation from the housing.

*Additional one-way valve to be fitted onto lantern base
Optional feature: RS485/RS232 serial communication cable for telemetry purposes


Technical Specifications

Input Voltage : 10-36VDC or AC Mains Supply
Power Consumption : 10-300 watts
Lenses : Six(6) CLEAR “bullseye” Acrylic Lens Panels
Equally spaced at 60° (Hexagonal)
Blankings : Black Panels
(4 nos to be supplied with each WM-RB500)
Lens Cover : 500mm Acrylic, Clear, Red, Green & Yellow
Drive System : Bottom driven, stepper motor microprocessor controlled. Speed field selectable from 0.5 – 16 RPM
(Nominal). Other speed preprogrammable subjected to requirement
Drive Motor : maximum 200mA continuous current consumption subjected to speed setting (RPM)
Accuracy : ±1%
Lampchanger Unit : WM-FL100 6-place automatic lampchanging
Lamps : 12/24V C8/CC8 Prefocused Marine Signal Lamps, with ratings up to 150W; Metal-Halide lamps for special requirement
Temperature Range : -45°C to +60°C
Dimensions & Weight : Diameter 500mm (Cover)
Height 932mm (incl. integral birdspike)
Weight 100kgs (approx.)
Mountings : 6x M12 on dia.450 PCD
Optional :

RS485/RS232 serial communication interface


* Effective intensities shown are measured values for single flash period

Effective intensity- WM-RB500 Marine Revolving Beacon- Wealth Marine




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