WM-RL400 Range Lanterns

WM-RL400 range light is composed of base, lamp changer and sun switch. The optical system consists of glass reflector and divergent lens.

Flasher is optional in accordance with users requirement. The range light is capable of sending out a strong beam of light.

The divergent lens on enlarges the angle of horizontal divergence and not the angle of vertical divergence. Sector beams in different colors and with different angles of divergence are available when equipped with different color and divergent lenses.

WM-RL400 range light is suitable for leading light marking entrance and turning of waterway.


Input Voltage: : 12V DC/220V AC
Power consumption : 10W-250W
Central height : 349mm
Operating temperature : -25°C~+65°C
Outside dimension : 295 X 460 X 570 mm
Weight : 32.5kg


  1. The efficient intensity of the color light: The white light intensity multiplies
    0.3 for read and green, and multiplies 0.65 for yellow.
  2. The efficient intensity for the flasher: Ie=It/(0.2+t) I:fixed intensity,
    t: flash time (second).
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