WM-RMS2000 Remote Monitoring System


Generally, the definition of 'remote monitoring' is getting to know the status or conditions of operation, without having to be physically present on site.

WM-RMS2000 remote monitoring system consists of a master terminal unit connected to the workstation (installed with window-based software), communicating with a route terminal unit being installed inside the AtoN itself. (Refer to Figure 1.)

This communication link can be accomplished using an appropriate transmission network (VHF, GSM-GPRS, Satellite, AIS AtoN, etc.), depending on site situation and end-user's requirements.

Remote Monitoring system - Wealth Marine

Basically, Wealth Marine's Remote Monitoring System consists of 3 main components, namely the Master Terminal Unit (WM-MTU2000), Route Terminal Unit (WM-RTU2000) and a computer hardware/ workstation (PC with window-based Operating System).

  1. WM-RTU2000 Route Terminal Unit

    Wealth Marine's WM-RTU2000 is being installed inside WM-CL150A LED Marine Lantern. It is capable of changing the flash character of a marine lantern, has an automatic alarm system, and can be readily connected via transmission system to transmit data to the control centre (Master Terminal Unit WM-MTU2000) directly.

    This intelligent Route Terminal can also execute instructions preset by the control centre for remote monitoring and control purposes.

    Monitoring Features:

    1. Output Data Transmitted from the lantern (WM-RTU2000):

      1. Output Data Transmitted from the lantern (WM-RTU2000):
      2. Flash Character of specific lantern
      3. Light Intensity of Marine Lantern in working condition
      4. Name ID/ Serial No. of the Marine Lantern
      5. Sim card no. of lantern being monitored
      6. Received time of data report
      7. Operating Mode of Marine Lantern (Forced 'ON', 'OFF' or 'RESTORE')
      8. Battery operating voltage
      9. Operating condition of sun-switch (on/off )
      10. Position (coordinates) of the lantern
      11. Synchronisation Mode
    2. Automatic Alarm Reporting of WM-RMS2000:

      1. Malfunction/ irregular flashing of lantern
      2. Battery operating voltage too low / high
      3. Intensity of light too low
      4. Floating buoy moved out of the safety boundary
      5. Malfunction of sun-switch/ photocell
      6. In event of lost of contact/communication with buoy
  2. WM-MTU2000 Master Terminal Unit:

    The Master Terminal Unit (WM-MTU2000) only consists of the MTU2000 communication PCB and a power supply PCB for various distributions (indicators). The size of the housing can be customized to integrate into existing systems with space limitation or as per end-user's preference.

    The Master Terminal Unit is located at the control centre and is able to:

    1. Control the Marine Lantern - 'force' to switch on (during Daytime)
    2. Control the Marine Lantern - 'force' to switch off (during Night time)
    3. Remotely change the flash characteristics of Marine Lantern
    4. Set the upper and lower limits of battery operating voltage
    5. Remotely receive/ transmit real-time data when required
    6. Set the safety boundary of the floating buoy
    7. Set the frequency of data reporting (>4 times per day)
    8. Set the intensity of the marine lantern
    9. Set the sun-switch/ photocell (on/off)

    Basic features and standard indications on the housing panel includes:

    • POWER ON indicator
    • OPERATION indicator
    • DATA SENDING indicator
    • DATA RECEIVING indicator

The MTU2000 communication PCB simply manages the data transmission via the GSM module mounted on the same board. A socket for a local SIM card to be inserted (like mobile phones) is also situated within the same PCB.

The MTU2000 communication PCB provides a display access via RS232 or RS485 serial interface and therefore, connection to a desktop PC or laptop computer would be readily available. The MTU2000 communication PCB and a power supply PCB could be housed inside a compact box (handheld unit) or inside a desktop module.

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