WM-SBL150A Self-Powered LED Lantern

WM-SBL150A Self-contained Synchronised Flashing LED lantern is the latest innovation in the Wealth Marine's series of 'Aids to Navigation' products.

Basically, WM-SBL150A is all-in-one LED lantern incorporating synchronization functions.

Equipped with a power system which is integrated with the LED lantern and consists of a high-efficiency maintenance-free lithium battery and a mono-crystalline silicon solar panel, WM-SBL150A Self-contained Synchronised Flash LED Lantern does not require any external power and works automatically once installed.

Special Features

  • GPS Synchronised Flashing
  • Synchronisation components are all built-in, no external wiring is required.
  • Built-in solar power system; does not require external termination.
  • Autonomy: WM-SBL150A can survive up to 15 sunless days!
  • Maiximum effective range up to 5.5 Nautical Miles (T=0.74, 'ON' time 0.5s in red, green and white)
  • With a protection level of up to IP68, WM-SBL150A is suitable for use in harshest marine environment.

Note: Other light/electric parameters of WM-SBL150A LED lanterns are the same as those of existing WM-L150A LED Lantern.

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