WM-SL150A Synchronized Flash LED Lantern

WM-SL150A Synchronized Flash LED Lantern-Wealth Marine
Specifications-WM-SL150A Synchronized Flash LED Lantern-Wealth Marine

All integral parts are built-in function components without connection to any external accessories, which ensures a high protection level of IP68 for the latern.

Utilizing GPS receiver with ultra-low power comsumption and computer chips with low power consumption and high interference resistance, the newly developed WM-SL150A Synchronized Flash LED Lantern is suitable for use in water-ways, airport runways, navy training waterways, and shooting ranges.

The latern is easily operable and works automatically at power-on.

Synchronized flash is automatically achieved for any of the 256 flash rhythms.

The lantern is also characterized by low power consumption compared with other synchronized flash laterns: Its daylight slient power consumption is less than 36MW.

Main Specifications

Operating Voltage: : 12V (10V ~ 30V)
Flash rhythm : IALA256(configurable)
Daylight sensitivity : 300Lux ±50Lux (configurable)
Environmental Temperature : -30°C ~ +70°C
Relative humidity : 100% (Condensing)
Dark Current : <1mA
Electricity-to-Light efficiency : >15cd/W
Vertical divergence :
Horizontal light distribution : >85%
Color : Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue up to IALA standard
Serial communication interface : RS232/RS485(Optional)
Synchronization : Wireless
Lens Material : Acrylic UV-stabilized
Base Material : Aluminum Alloy
Installation : 3 – 16mm holes on 200mm P.C.D 4 – 16mm holes on 195mm P.C.D

Note: Other light/electric parameters of WM-SL150A LED synchronized flash LED lantern are the same as those of WM-L150A LED Lantern.

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