WM-SRL2000 Sector Range Light


WM-SRL2000 single-station, three-coloured LED Sector Range Light is one of Wealth Marine’s latest design and manufactured series of lantern.

This lantern makes use of high intensity LEDs as the light source, supplemented by the non-spherical ‘Fresnel’ lens and focal point theory with integral microprocessor circuitry.

WM-SRL2000 has three projectors, each for one colour, attached to a single base playe. There is an option that the sector angle in the horizontal plane can be adjustable from 3.5° to 15°.

WM-SRL2000 projects light beam with uniformly-distributed intensity.

Compared with the conventional lamp-sourced sector light, WM-SRL2000 LED Sector Range Light has power-saving capability and high ration of light-to-electricity efficiency, is most suitable to be operated on a solar-powered DC system.

With its LED light source, this Sector Light has a much longer lifespan of 100,000 hours compared to that of lamps. Therefore, there is no need for replacement of lamp bulbs.

Owing to its stable operating conditions and with the option of adjustable horizontal sector angle, this sector light can be considered one of the most advanced sector range light in the aids-to-navigation industry.

Main Specifications

Operating Voltage : 12V DC
Voltage Range : 10~20V DC
Power Comsumption : 1~3W (for each projector)
Single Bean Intensity : >2000 candelas
Maximum Range : up to 10.8 Nautical Miles
Horizontal Sector Angle : 3.5~15° (to be specified before order)
Colour : Red/White/Green/Yellow/Blue (any combinations)
Flashing Rhythms : IALA256 codes
Remote Control : via Infrared handheld programmer
Daylight Sensitivity : 200 Lus
Remote Monitoring Serial Comm : RS232
Ingress Protection : IP68 (projectors are completely sealed)
Mountings : 6x f16 on 200mm P.C.D
Operating Temperature : -40°C ~ + 70°C
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