WM-WL90A Emergency Wreck Light

WM-WL90 has been designed and made according to I.A.L.A. latest recommendation (I.A.L.A Recommendation O-133, Edition 1, December 2005) on the Emergency Wreck Marking Buoy.

This is Wealth Marine’s latest design and technology, and should be used to deploy on Emergency Wreck Marking Buoy (also available) to mark out new dangers and wreks, so as to prevent collisions of other ships

A dangerous Wreck is defined as any obstructions in navigable water that pose a hazard to navigation. This wreck can be caused by a damaged sinking vessel or a plan crashed into the middle of the ocean.

It is of utmost importance that a dangerous wreck has to be marked immediately so that further loss of life, damage and poullution can be prevented.

WM-WL90 Emergency Wreck Light makes use of high-intensity LEDs as light source, supplmented by special ‘Fresnel’ lens and focal point theory, emitting ultra-bright alternating blue and yellow flashes through its integral microprocessor circuitry manufactured in accordance to the latest I.A.L.A. recommendations and guidelines.

WM-WL90 Emergency Wreck Light can produce 5 types of flah rhythm, namely Morse Code “D” flashing blue (1.0sec ‘ON’ +0.5sec ‘OFF’) + Yellow (1.0sec ‘ON’ + 0.5sec ‘OFF’) etc.

This flash character can be changed using an Infrared Handheld Programmer.

WM-WL90 not only conserve power and has a high light-to-electricity efficiency, but also able to operate in a stable condition under the harshest marine environment.

In order to customise to user’s requirement, there is an option of self-powered WM-BWL90 Emergency Wreck Light, which contains a high-performance fully-charged Lithium Battery Pack which can lasts up to 15 days of normal operation.

Main Specifications

Operating Voltage: : 12V DC
Voltage Range : 10-20V DC
Average Power Consumption : 12W
Maximum Range : up to 6.1NM @ T=0.74
Vertical Divergence :
Color : Yellow/Blue
Flash Character : Alternating flashes
Yellow/Blue(5 codes selectable)
Settings : Via Infrared Programmer
Daylight sensitivity : 200 Lux
Ingress Protection rating : IP68
Mounting : 4 X M6 on Ø90 P.C.D.
Operating Temperature : -40°C ~ +70°C
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