WMYF Series Marker Buoy


A lightweight buoy designed for contingency use at sea, WMYF Series Marker Buoy is made of GRP materials and filled with high-density polyurethane.

The buoy weight is materially brought down by employing an aluminium-magnesium alloy to prop up the buoy body.

Tail of the buoy is lengthened to increase the metacentric height, which provides a good solution to the problem of rocking.

WMYF Series Mark Buoy is fitted with WM-BL150B LED Lantern. Ø35mm dia. nylon rope is used to mooring of the diameter 0.8m buoy.

WMYF Series Mark Buoy is capable of self up righting and when for use, can be easily lifted and thrown into water by two workers, which is very convenient.


Diameter : 0.8M-2.5M
Weight : 80KG-2.0T

For Diameter 0.8m WMYF0.8-D1

Overall height : 2.296M
Moorings : 35mm(diameter) nylon rope
Focal Plane Height : 1.210M
Light range : 3.0NM
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